Conflict Transformation and Mysticism

The congress is dedicated to serving the understanding of how mysticism can facilitate the transformation of group conflict. Transformation of consciousness and the development of positive human potential are the heart of mysticism – mysticism understood to be the practice leading to the realization of the natural openness, depth and wisdom of the human spirit. This realization makes possible politically intelligent, effective and loving action in both personal and social contexts.

Conflicts small and large exist – and they all too often elude simple resolution. Some social scientists have recently begun to explore the possibility that mystical practice can facilitate transformation of conflict that cannot be resolved. Mysticism in many cultures has documented the possibility of transforming human experience, allowing even persons directly affected by the hard realities of conflict to find effective and life-affirming ways to move forward. How is this possible? Mystical transformation makes it possible to recognize the larger dynamics behind all conflict and to experience the common ground of Being shared by enemies. The capacity to learn to recognize and to experience in this way is a potential available to all of us, and when realized, it transforms everyone. Instead of "us OR them" we may find a previously unimaginable "we AND them". Instead of the apparent necessity of building walls, damaging or even destroying the "enemy", unexpected, non-violent alternatives may spontaneously appear. The endless repetition of cycles of aggression and revenge that seem to be natural laws give way to surprising and creative shifts. Transformation of conflict becomes mystical practice.

The Format of the Congress: The conference starts with an intense large group process with all participants. There will be a relatively small number of parallel, all-day experiential workshops dedicated to deepening spiritual experience and the understanding of how the transformation of conflict is mystical practice.

Wissende Felder