Invited Presenters among other:

A. H. Almaas, internationally active spiritual teacher and founder of the revolutionary Ridhwan School, a spiritual path affirming the unity of Being and demonstrating how precise psychological and spiritual knowledge work together to support mystical transformation.

Karen Johnson, co-founder and Director continues to be instrumental in its development, together with A.H. Almaas, of the Ridhwan School and the Diamond Heart Approach. She has been a teacher of the Diamond Approach for 34 years and has taught groups in the U.S. and Europe. They will present their approach to spiritual practice in the world with the congress plenum for the entire day on Saturday, 30.4.2011.

Scott Appleby, Director, Kroc Institute for Peace Studies, Notre Dame University, USA intensively studies the strange fact that religion generates both terror and reconciliation. He works closely with John Paul Lederach.

Rudi Ballreich, M.A., is a Gestalt-psychotherapist, management consultant, business mediator and mediation trainer. Together with Friedrich Glasl he is the director of a publishing company with the emphasis in conflict management and organizational development. The basis of his work and his publications is a spiritual understanding how psychic, social and organizational transformation is possible. Rudolf Steiners understanding of human being, Martin Bubers dialogical field approach and the process of inquiery from Hamid Almaas is important for his work.

Hunter Beaumont, PhD, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist (Inactive) in California and in Germany. He is a member for life of the American Psychological Association (APA) and a member of the German Psychological Association. He was a member of the training faculty and president of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Los Angeles when he was invited to Universität Ludwig-Maximillians in Munich, Germany as guest professor of clinical psychology in 1980. He established a private practice in Munich in 1983, was co-founder of an Institute dedicated to the psychotherapeutic treatment of psychosomatic illness, and has taught and lectured extensively internationally. He has continued to explore implications and new applications to psychotherapy and spiritual practice of the systemic approach. His primary interest is in understanding how psychotherapy can contribute to the realisation of the human potential within Being and has been profoundly influenced by the work and teaching of A.H. Almaas. He is the author of several books and articles.

Matthias zur Bonsen, one of the most experienced and creative experts on large group processes. At the beginning he will offer for all participants an intense whole group experience on “Conflict Transformation and Mysticism” that opens both heart and mind for the following days.

"Stories from your heart – Stories around a fireplace"
Dr. Matthias zur Bonsen

Avraham Burg, Israel, peace activist and political leader he has been a leading figure in Israeli politics for over 20 years. The youngest speaker in history of the Israeli Knesset (1999-2003) and a staunch supporter of peace in the Middle East, he has been referred to as "one of the best speechmakers in politics". A. Burg has a more liberal reconciliatory approach to the Middle East conflict. He says: "All of my life I've been an activist of the peace camp. I'm ready to go a very long way to bring people together from dialogue to acceptance and than compromise". In his book God is Back (2006, Hebrew), Burg explores the critical need for separation of religion and the state. He warns that an increasingly large sector of Israeli society disdains political democracy. In his most recent book "The Holocaust is Over: We Must Rise from Its Ashes" (2008, English) he argues that the Jewish nation has been traumatized by the Holocaust and has lost the ability to trust itself, its neighbours or the world around it.

Wolfgang Dietrich, Professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies at the same University. He is founder and director of the Master of Arts Program in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation at the University of Innsbruck. Wolfgang Dietrich has developed this approach as one of the most unusual and most challenging programs in Peace Studies, and he will be teaching it to conference participants in a vividly immediate way.

Scilla Elsworthy, PhD founded Peace Direct in 2002 to fund, promote and learn from peace-builders in conflict areas; awarded "Best New Charity" at the Charity Awards 2005. Previously she founded the Oxford Research Group in 1982 to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics. It is for this work that she was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003 and nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2007 she was appointed a member of the World Future Council and the International Task Force on Preventive Diplomacy. She has designed the Leadership Course in Conflict Transformation for the Said Business School at the University of Oxford, and the "Bee School" a 12-month course to equip participants with skills to serve the planet.

Siegfried Essen, born 1940, certificate psychologist, lutherian theologian, working in his own praxis in Graz, Austria; Trainer for systemic family-therapy. He emphasis on trainings in systemic psychotherapy, systemic family therapy.

Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, Dpt. of Psychology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, former member of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, extensive research on healing and prevention of large group trauma embedded both in science and Ubuntu – the traditional South African notion of “I am because you are”.

Willigis Jäger, Catholic priest and Zen Master, is one of the most influential contemporary spiritual teachers. His trans-confessional mysticism is practiced in every-day life, business and politics.

Björn Krondorfer is professor of religious studies at St. Mary's College of Maryland, and chair of the department of philosophy and religious studies. His field of expertise is religion and culture, with an emphasis on gender studies, cultural studies, and Holocaust studies. His publications include, among others, Male Confessions: Intimate Revelations and the Religious Imagination (2010, Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism (2009), Mit Blick auf die Täter (2006; Facing Perpetrators: On German Theology after 1945), Remembrance and Reconciliation: Encounters Between Young Jews and Germans (1995), Men's Bodies, Men's Gods (1996), and Body and Bible: Interpreting and Experiencing Biblical Narratives (1992).

John Paul Lederach, Kroc Institute, University of Notre Dame, USA, is a highly experienced and original conflict researcher. He introduced the term “Conflict Transformation” and the understanding of Conflict Transformation as spiritual practice.

Francesca Mason Boring is enrolled in the Shoshone tribe, a native tribe in the United States. Working with Native American and Universal indigenous fields she has encouraged the development of constellation as ceremony, community constellations and nature and environmental constellations. In "Botschaften aus dem indigenen Feld: Rituelle Elemente und Zeremonien in Systemaufstellungen" and other writings Francesca encourages respect and incorporation of ancient healing wisdom traditions which support our contemporary reach for connection-leading to transformation.

Hava Pinhas-Cohen, Israel, Poet, lecturer of Literature and Art, and Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Dimui: A Journal of Literatur, the Arts and Jewish Culutre". Since 2007 Mrs. Pinhas-Cohen is artistic director of "Kisufim" - The Jerusalem Conference of Jewish Writers. She is lecturing at "Shechter Insitute for Jewish Studies". Mrs. Pinhas-Cohen has thus far published seven books of poetry. Her poems have been translated and appeared in various anthologies in English, French, Serbia-Croatian, Dutch, Greek and Spanish. In 2009 a collection of her poems was translated to Dutch and was published in Amsterdam. This year a new book of conversations about "Art of Poetry" will be published in "Hakibutz Hameuchad" publisher house.

Dolores Richter has been part of a Research Community deeply dedicated to exploring the question how to create mental, spiritual, emotional and social conditions which can support humankind in living non-violence and deeper ways of connectedness since 1980. Since 1991 she was leading the Zegg Conference Center, where she was facilitator and teacher for the process of "Forum" – a gathering to establish a culture of transparency and self-knowledge. She now is coaching different intentional communities and giving seminars in essential communication, building community and reconsiliation of women & men. She is about to start Bee School in Germany in October 2010 in Potsdam, 2011 in Leipzig.

Gina Ross, MFCC, is founder and president of International Trauma-Healing Institute in the United States and in Israel. She is the co-founder of the Israeli Trauma Center at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem and has specialized in trauma and the understanding and treatment of trauma since 1990. She is trained in cognitive, behavioral, and somatic treatment approaches and is certified in the more innovative techniques. She has lived in eight countries, speaks 7 languages, among them also Arabic. She works with clients from all over the world. Her sensitivity to trauma is rooted in her personal life experiences of fleeing Syria as a child, leaving Lebanon overnight during the civil war, and arriving in Brazil as a teenager after a year in Europe. She was educated in French schools and moved to several countries including Israel to complete her studies. She emigrated to California 30 years ago where she started a family.

Bernard Sabella Professor of Sociology at Bethlehem University; Ph.D. in Sociology, Viriginia University, USA; member of various Palestinian institutions; scientific and research interest focuses on Palestinian society. He is a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) and Executive Secretary of the Department of Services to Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East Council of Churches. Publications include a series of articles, an Introduction to Sociology (1983), and Christian Emigration-Comparison Between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem Areas (1991), A Date with Democracy - Palestinians on Politics, Economy and Society (1983) as well as articles Palestinians on Politics, Economy and Society (1983) as well as articles on the issue of emigration of Christian Arabs from the Middle East.

Jakob Robert Schneider, marriage counselor, family and communication therapist and psychotherapist in own praxis. He offers workshop for self-awareness, trainings and supervision seminars in family and systemic constellations in Germany and international. He is an editor for the German magazine "Praxis der Systemaufstellungen" and author of the book "Das Familienstellen" published at Carl Auer publishing house.

Erika Schäfer is a psychotherapist and has been a professor at University of Saarbrücken for six years. Since 1995 she has run a private practice. 1998 she became a founder of the Therapy, Teaching- and Research-Center for holistic healing in Eisenbuch near Altötting, Germany. For the last 12 years she has combined family constellation with regression therapy and focuses on inner images in a specific way. She believes in the universal wisdom of our soul and the reconnection with this knowledge. Several publications available.

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