Greeting from the Lord Mayor
of the city of Würzburg

More than 5000 experts from more than 30 nations have participated in the past four "Fields of Conflicts – Fields of Wisdom" conferences. These numbers evidence the high international reputation and extraordinary engagement of the organisers. They are, as well, proof of Würzburg's appreciation as a city of the arts and culture, of science and education, with many attractions for its international guests.

Würzburg is the site of outstanding artistic historical monuments like the "Residenz", a UNESCO World Heritage monument, unique art collections like the world's largest exhibition of Riemenschneider sculptures in the "Mainfränkische Museum" and the "Museum im Kulturspeicher", offering the most extensive European collection of Concrete Art. Our universities are internationally renowned, especially regarding their first-rate institutes for Biology, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics and Psychology among German universities. Being the centre of the Franconian wine growing region, Würzburg has excellent wines which are highly valued by wine connoisseurs all over the world, and the special ambience of our traditional wine bars and guest houses can be an unforgettable impression.

For more than just one reason our city is the perfect setting for scientific conferences. Würzburg's history underlines the importance of your conference title in a special way. On 16th March 1945, our city was nearly completely destroyed by an air raid. We therefore have a special interest in finding out how conflict transformation can lead to a peaceful living together and prevent catastrophes, and how exactly spirituality and mysticism can contribute to life in peace. It is also for this aspect that I was pleased to take over patronage for this conference. I sincerely thank the organisers for once more engaging internationally renowned experts on the questions relevant for the conference theme "Conflict Transformation and Mysticism".

May you have interesting as well as productive lectures and discussions and enjoy your stay in our beautiful city.

Georg Rosenthal
Lord Mayor

Wissende Felder